16x1kg Organic Medjool (Medjoul) Dates- Bulk Offer

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  • 100% Pure. 100% Organic. No additives
  • Succulent, Intense Sweet Fruit
  • High in Nutritional Fibers and Minerals
Unboxing 1 kg box Organic Medjool Dates

16x 1kg box of soft Organic Medjool dates from Jordan Valley.

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Buy 16x 1kg of Succulent Organic Medjoul (Medjool) Dates directly from importer, Free delivery to many parts of Europe. Succulent, Organic Medjoul dates are a healthy snack. Grown without artificial pesticides and fertilizers, with respect to the environment and people.

Contains: 100% Organic Medjool (Medjoul) Dates grown in the Jordan Valley, North of the Dead Sea.

Certified Organic NL-BIO-01, Non EU Agriculture

Keep in the fridge/ freezer after purchase!


“Great Sweet Snack, Also Perfect For Tapas!”

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Weight16 kg
Dimensions19 × 14.5 × 8 cm



M 14-18 gr/st


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